Benefits of Tech Squad Wireless For Cell Phone Repair in Greensboro NC


Tech Squad Wireless offers a variety of benefits for cell phone repair in Greensboro, NC that our “competitors” simply do not offer. Obviously every business is going to make a similar claim, but we can objectively list out the facts and allow you to decide for yourself.

First off, when you have a cell phone repaired with us, we replace the part with a higher quality part than the cell phone originally came with. So if you needed cell phone repair due to a cracked screen, when we replace the screen, the new screen is stronger and higher quality than the original! We’ve been charging less money than our competitors who replace the screen with something the same grade as the original, which doesn’t make your phone less likely to crack than it was before. When a client goes to a business that replaces the screen with the same strength as the original, clients experience a pattern of the same problem over and over again. Businesses that do this aren’t “evil”, but they do it to help ensure a “come back”. They want you to come back with the same problem so they get paid to repair it.

Second, we provide consulting with cell phones in regards to upgrades, or customization.  Sometimes when people get a cell phone repaired, they also want an additional service, such as unlocking. Since we do more than repair cell phones, we can “bundle” services to make sure your device not only works like it should, you truly love it!

Sometimes when people need someone to provide cell phone repair in Greensboro, NC, the business works with all the major brands, but not the lesser known ones. Tech Squad Wireless repairs ALL brands and models of cell phones, so we can help when others can’t.

Many clients simply do not know the cost of parts when it comes to cell phone repair, they only know the cost of the phone. Tech Squad Wireless doesn’t abuse our clients with high markups when we do repairs. We charge for the labor of installing the part and the price the part costs, no more. For example, if you go to a business and ask for cell phone repair, they may charge $60 for labor, and $20 for the cell phone screen, but the screen only costs $15. So they made a $5 profit. Now granted, it’s not much, but it’s still a markup that takes advantage of the customer because the customer doesn’t know the price.